Clean Up Australia Day

On the 28th of February, our school participated in Clean Up Australia Day. We had the perfect afternoon for collecting rubbish and it was great to see all grades out and about helping to make our school and Australia clean and beautiful.
It was also a great opportunity to put into place all of our learning from the Positive Start Program about respect and responsibility.

Here are some pictures of our students doing a wonderful job of tidying up one of our court yard areas.

What did you think of our Clean Up Australia Day afternoon? Did you and your family participate in any other Clean Up Australia Day activities?


Ride To School Day

On the 19th of March, over 200 students from our school participated in Ride To School Day! And what a perfect Autumn morning it was to be riding, walking, skating or scooting to school. The sun was shining and so were our smiles! It was excellent to see so many Mums and Dads, even Grandparents participating too.

There was a huge assortment of scooters, bikes, roller blades and skate boards being ridden to school- check them out!

R2S2  R2S1
What did you think of Ride To School Day? Make sure you check out our latest newsletter for all the stats on how we participated!

Thank you everyone for participating so safely in our Ride To School Day.

Clean Up Australia Day

As usual, New Gisborne Primary School will be participating in Clean Up Australia Day !  What a great way to become involved in keeping our school community looking great!  After lunch on Friday 28th February 2014, your teacher will let you know what area your class will be cleaning up.  Luckily, this shouldn’t take too long as we generally do such a great job of keeping our school pretty tidy!

But it doesn’t have to stop here! On the Clean Up Australia Day website you can search for areas that you would like to help clean up on the official Clean Up Australia Day.  Perhaps speak to your parents about giving up an hour or so on Sunday 2nd March  and head on down to one of the places shown around our community!

Name our superhero!!!

Hi Eco friendly folk!!

Here is our new superhero! Your task is to name her.

We look forward to reading your suggestions!


Welcome to Sustainability at New Gisborne Primary


At New Gisborne Primary we believe that

We have the power and responsibility to promote understanding and model behaviours, to our future generations, that lessen our ‘footprint’ on the environment while managing the use of the earth’s finite resources. Through our actions, we improve and enjoy our environment without causing a negative or detrimental effect.”